"New Discovery At the University of California - Shows An Amazing 200% Increase In Muscle Mass Gains!"

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A New Discovery By A World Renowned Muscle Scientist Out Of The University of California –
Dr. Keith Baar and His Team Confirmed A Dramatic Increase In Muscle Mass Gains
This isn’t the same run-of-the-mill supplement. There are NO testosterone boosters or growth hormones involved!

Dr. Keith Baar

Dr. Simon Schenk
Dr. Andrew Philip

A Biological Switch That Unleashes "Steroid-Like" Muscle Gains... By Using 3 Strange, All-Natural Ingredients! Watch The Video Below To Learn What They Are!

Dr. Keith Baar

New Science. More Muscle.

Science Team

Dr. Baar’s laboratory was the first to discover that resistance exercise activities activate the mTORC1 pathway. That specific pathway correlates with skeletal muscle hypertrophy and is what amino acids are designed to act upon.

How We Can Help

Based on the science… Dr. Baar also believes that this may be one of the ONLY supplements where someone in a caloric-restrictive state can pack on more muscle without worrying about gaining fat!

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Connecting The Dots – How Years of Science Can Help Deliver Massive Gains

We found that we can manipulate certain molecules within muscles.

As a result, this causes unusually large muscle mass gains in the lab without the use of steroids or testosterone enhancers.

Our researchers are currently aware of natural ingredients that act upon these molecules

Each of our three natural ingredients have independent data which shows them to be safe in humans over decades of consumption

There are other corroborating studies that have shown muscle mass gains in humans using some of our key ingredients. Subscribe below to get more info and to see supporting independent studies!

Ribosomes / Protein Factories
Dr. Baar also found compelling evidence that his formula amps up the efficiency and output of the ribosomes in muscles. The better your ribosomes function, the more protein that is available to create lean muscle.
“Forget Bulking And Cutting Phases… Dr. Baar’s Formula Strongly Suggests That You Can Do Both At The Same Time!”
The endless quest in bodybuilding is “more muscle” – “less fat”! It is a common frustration within the bodybuilding community that when you want to pack on muscle, you increase your food intake and lose your 6-pack… or you diet to lose fat and end up losing muscle mass as well. It’s a lose-lose situation, especially when your own body is working against you! Based on the way the formula works… Dr. Baar believes this supplement could have major advantages for those who are cutting… where someone in a caloric-restrictive state can pack on muscle, get ripped, AND still cut!
You know the grind. To get that jacked body you want, you need to lift more weights, repeat more reps, and grow more muscle. Lift. Improve. Repeat. It’s a lengthy process. Why put your mind and body through that…​

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Overcome the weaknesses standing in the way of your goals and your gains?​

Achieve higher gains without killing yourself at the gym or killing your bank account?​

Tired of having to choose between bulking up or trimming down?​

Is it a difficult decision whether to do strength training as opposed to endurance training?​

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